Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chop Stix

We went to eat Japanese at a new place in Tupelo during Christmas vacation. We were not impressed with this place and I really don't think we will return. The food was very overpriced, they added an 18% tip to our bill (the menu said it only added it if it was a party of 8 or more, Lie) and it was extremely slow. Slow does not work with a very hungry two year old. The enjoyment of the evening was watching Julia try to eat with chop stix. She did pretty well. She did use the kid's chop stix, but I am not very good with even those.


Lianne said...

Yep, I think we ate there too. Our "Japanese" chef was Hispanic and kept saying, "sushi" over and over and over because it was the only Japanese he knew. Their ventilation system didn't work AT ALL and we all smelled to high heaven of that food. I took another shower when we got home! (Kyoto--right?)

The Williamson Family said...

you are so right. we will drive to b'ham or t'town from now on. very disappointed. we do like a place in tupelo where they don't cook in front of you. i think it is called itichiban. It is good and very good prices if you don't want the show.