Friday, June 26, 2009

Jack's Birthday Party!

We took a few of Jack's friends to the Birmingham Barons baseball game. We had a great time even though it was very hot. All the kids were on their best behavior.

After the game the boys spent the night with Jack. He had a great party and enjoyed time with his friends he is not getting see as much now that it is summer vacation.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kelee Says, "I Do"

Every once in a while a child that is not your own child will enter your life and you never realize the impact they will have on your life, but when you do realize the impact you want to savor every memory with that child for your entire life. Kelee Etoil Baker is that child in my life and her sister Hanna runs a close second. She was only five years old when I met her. She was always bubbling with laughter and a true joy to be around. She was a real beauty. As the years went on, we went through many trials together, but she always continued to be that bubbly little girl that could always make me smile. Kelee is a beautiful young lady, but it is very hard for me not to see that freckled face little girl that would run and jump in my arms whenever I saw her. I can remember a family member of hers telling me, "Kelee is always more excited to see you than me." I love you Kelee more than you will ever know and I thank you so much for always being there for me, even though you were just a little girl.
On June 13, 2009, Kelee got married. Kelee married Kyle Williams. The wedding was beautiful even though the weather had everyone concerned. My mother, sister and I hosted her bridesmaid brunch the morning of her wedding, which was suppose to be around my mother's pool. Last minute we had to move the brunch inside due to the rain. By 3:00 all the storms had gone away and beautiful blue skies were the backdrop for her evening wedding. Savannah was a junior bridesmaid in her wedding. Savannah was almost as beautiful as the bride. I am so glad that Kelee included me and Savannah on her special day.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Six Flags

A few pictures from Six Flags with Brian and Erin.

American Girl

While in Atlanta the kids and I visited the American Girl store. Julia was going to pick out her own doll. She was very over stimulated there and had a very hard time picking out a doll. She finally was able to come to a final decision with one of the like me dolls. Julia named her new baby Emma Grace. She has been obsessed with the name Emma Grace since Christmas when she got to play with my friend Tammy's little girl named Emma Grace.

Savannah also had to take her doll Kit to get her legs worked on. They had become really loose and she would not stand up anymore. Kit was admitted to the American Girl Doll Hospital and will be returned to us when she is all better. In addition to Kit going to the hospital, Savannah had Julie's hair fixed in the doll salon.

White Water

We had a great day at White Water while we were in Atlanta. Savannah and Jack were game to ride anything since they were tall enough to go on every slide this time. Jack even wanted to Cliffhanger, but we would not let him. Julia liked the slides she could ride with us and the kids play area..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Atlanta Trip Day 1 and Day 2

The first week of June, Trey had a sales meeting in Atlanta so we tagged along for a free vacation and a chance to see our friends in Atlanta. We arrived in Atlanta to the Stone Mountain Inn on Sunday, May 31. The rooms at the Stone Mountain Inn are huge. It is an older hotel, but it is very clean. The things I didn't like was that: (1) we were told we would have a room facing the mountain and we didn't and (2) the air conditioner did not cool as much as I like for hotel rooms to be. We did not get to Atlanta until late so we decided to rest a little while and then take Trey to Papa Deaux for his birthday dinner since he would be in meetings on his birthday. Papadeaux is one of our favorite Cajun places to eat in Atlanta, only behind Gumbeax which is in Douglasville, GA. If you are ever in that area of Atlanta that is the place to eat if you like Cajun food.

(I don't know why this picture will not turn)

Day two of our trip we spent at Stone Mountain. To begin the day we had a healthy breakfast of doughnuts and coke.

After our healthy breakfast, we hiked up Stone Mountain. This was something we always said we would do when we lived in Atlanta, but never did. The kids were troopers, even Julia. Julia climbed about 3/4s of the mountain and Trey carried her the remainder of the way, the worst part of the climb. We took many stops along the way and took lots of pictures. The kids were so excited when we finally made it to the store at the top of the mountain because they were able to get an ICEE.


After the hike up the mountain, we decided to ride the tram down to the bottom of the mountain to see what other adventures we could find. The kids and Trey first completed the first level of the "Sky Hike". Sky Hike is an obstacle course of three different levels. You have to balance on small pieces of wood to ropes. I took Julia to play in the stream running by the barn. She had a great time playing with some other kids in the water. After playing in the water for a while, Julia completed the toddler obstacle course at Sky Hike that had a great ending of a zip line. She loved it.

Once Trey, Savannah and Jack were finished with level one on Sky Hike, they found me to do the other courses with them. Trey is afraid of heights and would not go up to do the other courses. Savannah, Jack and I all completed level 2 and then we split up. Savannah completed the level 3 course while Jack and I completed the level 1 course. Level 2 was a challenging and I would not even attempt Leve 3. I cannot believe Savannah did it.

After a tiring day of climbing, we went back to the room for a break and dinner. After dinner, the kids went back to Sky Hike, but this time they all did the toddler/kids area obstacle course with the zip line. Really all they wanted to do was ride the zip line. Savannah, Jack and I played put put golf and then it was time for the fireworks show.

We had a great day, but were very tired. We all were ready to go to bed after the fireworks show so we would be ready to go to White Water on Tuesday!!