Sunday, October 25, 2009

October Beach Trip 2009

Julia spent the first week of October in Destin with Trey's parents, sister and Noah. She had a great time playing in the ocean, in the and and swimming in the pool. We missed he dearly at home, but were super excited for her to spend time with her grandparents. We went to Destin on October 9th for a long weekend and to pick up Julia. It was a great trip and the weather was wonderful.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We have fallen in love with tailgating at Mississippi State Football Games. We have a great time socializing with old MSU friends and making new ones. The kids love to play out in the grassy fields with all the kids. There is always a pick up game of football or kickball for them to be involved in. We were so happy that at the Georgia Tech game it was not raining so the kids were able to play more than the previous games. The game was not that great, but we did have a great time. We have been smitten by the MSU bug and hope to have many more family memories attending games at and spending fall afternoons on the grounds of MSU.

Savannah's Third Grade Play

Savannah's play this year was tribute to the jazz. Once the kids get into 3rd grade at Winfield they do not dress up. The play was very cute and the kids did a great job. Savannah's song that she performed to was "Workin'". Savannah is a little ham and loves to be on stage. She most definitely got into this song and got a few laughs from the audience.

(Savannah and Mrs. Gray)

(Reagan, Anna Kate, Savannah, Meg and McKenzie)

(Savannah and McKenzie)

(Savannah and Meg)