Saturday, January 31, 2009


Friday, January 30th was the next to last day in hunting season in Alabama. Jack and Trey went hunting and about 5:30, Trey called to tell us that they killed a large doe. Ok, I do not have a picture of them with the deer, but I did ask for one. They said they couldn't take a picture of it this time because her face was pretty messed up. Maybe next time we will get a picture.

Today is the last day of hunting season and Trey, Savannah and Jack are going hunting. Maybe they will get another one today. One that we can have a picture of.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

God Bless America

As I sit here reflecting on the past few hours of today, I have a bitter sweet taste in my mouth. I am very excited the United States has choosen a black man to be the President of the United States. A very large step for our country. It has only been a couple of centuries where blacks and women were even able to vote and now we have a black president and the Republican vice-president candidate was a woman.

As most of you know, Trey and I are strong Republican supporters. I say that kind of bitting my tongue because we are really strong conservative Republican supporters. We were not extremely happy with the Republican running for President this year. We have supported President Bush over the past eight years through the good and the bad. We have seen him rally our country back after September 11, 2001 and we have seen him pulling on his hair in the recent economic tragedies. We do truly believe that he was not the best President our country has had (that would be President Reagan), but we do believe that he sook guidance from his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in most of his decisions. He grinned and beared millions of people slamming him and turning their backs on him.

So today, I would like to say thank you President Bush. Thank you for restoring a little patriotism in the United States. Thank you for not being afraid to show your belief in Jesus Christ. Thank you for the prayers you have said for each one of us over the past eight years. Thank you for showing a human side to the presidency. One that showed love to your family and also to all of the Americans that lost loved ones during the events of war and national disaster we faced during your presidency. One that showed America it is ok to be upset, but it is not ok to quit.

For the future of America, I only hope that this turning point in our history will only lead us to good things. I hope the economy will turn around. I hope everyone will be treated on an equal playing field. I hope we can defeat terrorism and they will know you cannot defeat the United States of America. I hope that Americans will start to seek Jesus. A country that turns away from Him is only putting theirselves in a position of failure. I pray for President Obama. I wish him only success. In his success, America will be successful. I pray that he will seek Jesus in every decision he makes for our country. I ask God to place His hand upon the Office of the President of the United States and for President Obama to walk hand-in-hand with Jesus because only then will we be successful.

Even if my particular Presidental candidate did not win in November, I will pray for my President as I have been charged by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I challenge all my other Republican friends to do the same. God has blessed America many times and will continue to bless America if we will turn back to Him.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Becky's Birthday

Saturday afternoon we celebrated Becky's birthday at Kelly's house. We spent the afternoon playing the Wii. Everyone had a great time playing and visiting with the each other. Walter and Kelly cooked crawfish bisque and taco soup. Becky got a new purse from us and a necklace with all the grandkid's names on it. I believe she had a great time. Becky and I have the same camera and I took pictures with it when she was opening presents. That being said, I do not have a picture of her on my camera and it was her birthday.

Hunting Season

Hunting season has been fun this year, even Savannah has joined in on the fun. The boys have not killed anything yet, but hopefully that will change soon. It is very funny to see Savannah decked out in camo.

Disney World

Yeah! We have booked our next trip to Disney World and Julia's first trip to Disney World for the week of Thanksgiving 2009. We are so excited. Julia is so excited about going to see the Princesses.

Now, we have been once as a family and I went many times when I was in junior high and high school, but there are always so many changes and everyone has a favorite. I am going to list a few of our favorites at Disney, but I would like for everyone to send me their favorites so we can compile a list of things we should be sure to do on this trip. I know I am posting this early, but we don't want to miss anything.

1. Always stay in a Disney resort. A value resort is fine with us b/c we are not in the room for long periods of time.

2. Purchase the Dining plan.

3. Eat at Cinderella's castle and at Chef Mickey.

4. Make sure to ride:
a. The front car of the monorail. (Jack and Savannah still have their driver's
license from our last trip.)
b. Toy Story.
c. Everest
d. Safari at Animal Kingdom
e. Dumbo
f. Space Mountain
g. Tower of Terror
h. It's a Small World

5. Buy the photo pass cd. Did not do this last time, but Rhonda did and it is well worth the money.

6. Pretend to be a kid.

7. Do not ride Stitch's Great Escape, very gross. Jack and Savannah both cried the entire ride, then did not want to see Stitch when we ate breakfast with him.

8. Make sure someone in your group has a cellphone with them if you seperate.

9. If you go during winter months, pack for winter and summer. The weather changes in a matter of hours.

10. Dinner with the Princesses at Epcot. The food is gross. The breakfast there is American breakfast so that is what we are doing there this time.

Please send me your favorites or things to avoid.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Jack is playing basketball again this year. Thank goodness this year he is playing in a league that actually goes by rules. His coach is Heath Guin and he has lots a friends on his team. Jack is pretty good, but the two best players on his team are girls. It is great fun watching these five and six year olds run up and down the court. Some of them are very aggressive, including Jack, of course. I think he is aggressive in everything he does.

Chop Stix

We went to eat Japanese at a new place in Tupelo during Christmas vacation. We were not impressed with this place and I really don't think we will return. The food was very overpriced, they added an 18% tip to our bill (the menu said it only added it if it was a party of 8 or more, Lie) and it was extremely slow. Slow does not work with a very hungry two year old. The enjoyment of the evening was watching Julia try to eat with chop stix. She did pretty well. She did use the kid's chop stix, but I am not very good with even those.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Reconnecting with old friends

Last Friday the girls and I spent the morning with Tammy Spann Dunavant and her girls. Tammy was my absolute best friend when we were little. We lived across the street from each other and spent almost every minute together when we were little. We bicycled all over Arrowhead. In high school we had many adventures together. A lot of them need to go without ever talking about again. It was great getting to see her. We lost touch with each other when I went to college and went away, but there is still that bond that was there when we were younger. I could talk to her about everything and know that she would always listen and not tell others. I really wish she lived closer so me and her and our girls could spend more time together.

New Year's Eve and Davis's Birthday Party

( The birthday boy showing off tricks with his Kool-Aid!)

My nephew, Davis, was born on New Year's Eve and this year was the first time he has had his birthday party on that day. He had a hot dog and marshmellow roast. It was a lot of fun, but very cold. My kids had a great time as did the birthday boy.

After Davis's party we went to watch the fireworks show at the park. It was pretty good for Winfield and for free. The kids liked it, but did not want to get out of the van for long to watch because it was so cold. I think it was like 29 degrees. After the fireworks show we went home and shot fireworks and the kids did sparklers. They had a great time. Of course to end the night, the big kids and Trey and I had a bowling tournament on the Wii. We are such party animals. Great fun just staying at home with my wonderful family.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Christmas Eve the kids had a great day baking cookies for Santa, visiting with Nana, Pop, Brian and Erin and making reindeer food. The kids always have matching pajamas for Christmas. This year was much harder to find pajamas for all three of the kids. So we got gingerbread pajamas. Jack was not very excited about them because he though they were girl pajamas.

Christmas morning the kids were still not out of the bed at 6:30. I got out of bed and checked to see if they were awake and the big kids were awake. I asked them why they didn't wake me up and they said the were waiting on me and Trey to get them. They had to wake Julia up so it took her a little while to get awake. This year the kids got a Wii to share. It is so much fun. I think Trey and I play it as much as the kids. Savannah got a video camera. (FYI she got the I-Carly video camera from Santa and we took it back the day after Christmas because it was terrible.) Jack got a remote control truck and remote control helicopter. Julia got a Bitty Baby and a Princess 4-wheeler. From Mommy and Daddy they got clothes and shoes. We give the boring gifts and Santa gives the fun things.

After playing with everything Santa brought and a visit from Grandma and Grand Daddy to see what Santa brought, we all got ready and went to Nana and Pop's with everyone else. The kids got new games for the Wii, clothes for their American Girl Dolls, cothes, and money. The kids had a great day visiting with everyone and playing with Meg, Davis and Blaine.