Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Sweet Jack

Where do I begin to explain to the world how special this summer has been to my family. Jack has had a wonderful opportunity to play on the Winfield 8U All Star Team. What an honor to have been choosen by his peers and the coaches! Jack has played excellent ball all summer. As I posted earlier his team placed runners up in both the Sub-District and District Tournament. In the State Tournament, his team finished in the final four in the State! What a great accomplishment!! This is the only team from Winfield to make it to the State Tournament and to finish this high in the rankings was highly impressive.

I will say this has been one of the best summers of my life. We have traveled all over North Alabama and spent numerous hours at the ball park in Winfield, but I would not change a thing about it if I could. I wouldn't even change the losses. Jack has learned so many life lessons from this experience. He has learned he can depend on his teammates and that there is always someone standing behind him for support. He has learned to trust adults other than his family. Trey and I have learned that we have friends in Winfield. We have laughed and cried with our boys! We have cheered and encouraged each other. This is a summer we will never forget and I am so proud of this team, especially my sweet Jack!

Jack's Favorite Memory of Tournament: Playing in the final four teams in the tournament. Final two in the American League Bracket

Jack's Best Play: Stopping a ground ball and then diving back to first to tag the bag to get the out.

Jack's Favorite Fan: Super excited that Uncle Brian came to watch him play! He was happy about everyone who came out to support him.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Jack

Jack's actual birthday is June 21st, but we had to wait a little while to have a party because we were playing baseball. Jack had his party on July 7th at the Guin Waterpark with one of his best friends, Andrew Stovall. The kids had a great time playing in the pool and going down the waterslide.

I cannot believe my baby boy is 9 years old. He is the sweetest little boy around. I love that he still wants to sit in my lap and love on me. He tells me and his dad numerous times a day that he loves us. He is such a joy to be around. We are so proud of him and all of his accomplishments. He is a smart little boy and a great athlete. But more than that he is a great person. He loves his friends with all of his heart and prays for them daily. He worries about them all the time and thinks of others before himself. I am so proud of him and so lucky that God has loaned him to me and Trey. I cannot wait to see what this year holds for him.

I love you Jack!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

All Stars 2011

These sweet little boys have taken over my summer. Not only are they precious, they are a great ball team. The team is composed of Jack's best friends so he is having a blast playing ball and spending a ton to time with them this summer. Minus Jack and his friend Rush this is the smallest group of baseball players playing in any of the tournaments, but they can play ball. It is their method of surprise against other teams. Lots of teams who have not played us see our boys and think they have the games won. Jack and his team are undefeated against every team except Haleyville. We just can't seem to beat them. We have placed second in both Subdistrict and District 11 Tournament. The boys will begin the State of Alabama Tournament on July 15.