Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jack's Scarecrow Project

Jack had to make a scarecrow for school that could stand alone. He was very excited about this project, but it turned out that the work was for Trey and I. Jack picked out his clothes; a pair of his old overalls, a white shirt, a jacket that he once wore, and a pair of tennis shoes. We had to paint the tennis shoes because the only pair we could find that did not fit anyone were Savannah's shoes and they were pink and white. We painted the shoes red and filled them with plaster of paris to make the shoes heavy and to hold the dow rods that the clothes were going on. It worked. We dressed the scarecrow and stuffed him full of newspaper, pinned a jack-o-lantern head and cowboy hat and we had a scarecrow. I was very proud. I am not a very creative person, so I was very excited with the results. As you can see from the last pictures, the scarecrow is as tall of Julia. When we have to do this project for Julia, we will need to make it a little shorter.

Winfield Homecoming

The week of October 13th was homecoming at Winfield High School. Since we live in a very small town everyone is very excited about homecoming, not like in McDonough where we practically had to bribe the students to dress up for homecoming week. Everyone in Winfield schools, including the elementary and middle school, dress up for the different days during homecoming week. This year the kids did not have school on Monday so the dress up days were as follows:

Tuesday: Decade Day
Wednesday: Color Day
Thursday: Cowboy Day or College Day
Friday: Camo Day or Hick Day

Savannah and Jack were very excited to dress up for homecoming week. It was fun getting their outfits together each day.

Friday was also the homecoming parade. Savannah and Jack both rode of the floats for their grades.

October Beach Trip

The first weekend in October we went to Destin to visit Trey's mom and dad. We had a great trip. The weather was wonderful, but the water was cold. It was fine for the water to be cold because Jack had double pnuemonia so he really didn't need to get in the water anyway. Julia enjoyed playing in the sand and getting buried in the sand. That was a minus with the water being so cold because we could not wash the sand off of her.

Savannah stayed in Winfield with my parents so she could attend two birthday parties. She is getting so big she already wants to stay away from us.

Mule Day 2008

The 3rd Saturday of September every year is Mule Day in Winfield, Alabama. Mule Day when I was little girl was a parade, arts and crafts and people clogging and playing blue grass music, but now it is a weekend event. Friday night starts with Mule Night Madness. All the stores in Winfield are open, and what my kids like best is the carnival. Saturday is still the parade like it has always been with lots of good food and arts and crafts. There is also a Civil War re-enactment on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This year we went to all activities. The kids went to the carnival on Friday night while I shopped. We all went to the parade with Brian and Erin. Erin had never been in Winfield for Mule Day so she was in for a treat. Sunday the kids and Trey went to the civil war re-enactment with Tommy, Meg and Davis. We had a great weekend. Mule Day is a great family weekend in Winfield. I just don't know where all the people come from to attend this annual event.