Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jack's Special Basketball Guest

Caroline Newman, a Junior at Fayette and a special girl to my kids, came to watch Jack play in a basketball game this season. He was very excited even though this picture doesn't look like he is too excited


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Birthday Parties Galore!!

We have been attending an average of one birthday party every weekend during the month of January, but most of the weekends we went to two! I have ran out of ideas for gifts so I was very impressed last night when my creative bone came out. Savannah has to go to a friend's party this weekend and I made the cutest little movie night box for the gift. I bought a microwave popcorn tub and put two movies and movie size boxes of candy in it. I then wrapped it in cellaphane wrap! Too Cute!!!!!! I can't wait for Savannah to take it to the party Sunday!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bowling and another MSU B'Ball Game!

This is a little out of order in the chronological category, but I have to post something about it. After Christmas and the kids big present this year was a trampoline and the temperatures we have had we took the kids to do a few fun activities outside of the house. First on December 27 we took the kids to Starkville for a Mississippi State basketball game at the Hump! They were playing Mississippi Valley State and sold adult tickets for $5 and the kids got in free, so we couldn't turn that down. It is a little different when State is not playing another SEC team, but we still had a great time.

We also took the kids bowling. They love to bowl.


Saturday, January 9th was opening day of the 2010 Winfield Park and Rec Basketball Season. Jack had 2 games and my nephew, Davis, played one. We spent about 5 hours at the school with pictures and ballgames. Fun stuff!! I wouldn't change a thing though. Jack did not play very well in the first game. Mainly because he does not like to guard girls. You would think being the only boy with two sisters he wouldn't mind pushing a girl around, but he is a gentleman and does not enjoy doing that. In the second game he was guarding boys, so he played much better. Our team tied the first game and won the second game.

(Davis Bowen, my nephew)

Snow 2010

It snowed in Winfield on Thursday, January 7, 2010. My children were out of school the entire day on Thursday, but I had to work until 1:00 that afternoon. I missed all the fun with the kids playing outside. Trey was good and made pictures of the kids playing. They had fun and are now looking forward to traveling to Colorado in December to see real snow. I cannot believe how cold it has been in Alabama these last few days. Since Thursday we have not gotten over 32 degrees.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Welcome 2010! 2009 was a good year for our family. We had many great things happen including:
  • Savannah turned 8
  • Jack turned 7
  • Julia turned 3. That makes me very sad to type. I cannot believe she is already 3.
  • Traveled to Destin with Brian and Erin for a beach vacation
  • Went to Disney World
  • Went to Gatlinburg for Spring Break
  • Spent a week in Atlanta as a tourist! Kinda hard after you lived there for 9 years.
  • Jack started piano lessons
  • Savannah played softball for the first time and made all stars!
  • Season Tickets to MSU football games with my college roommate Amanda!
  • Went to Natchez, MS for Trey's first cousin's wedding.
  • Savannah was in Kelee Baker's wedding.
  • Trey's brother in law went to Iraq :(, but got to come home for Christmas!
I am sure there are many more things to list here, but I cannot think of them all. In 2010, I want to achieve many things. I am starting a list here, but I am sure there will be many more.

  • Loose weight!!!
  • Run a 5K
  • Go snow skiing
  • Close in the garage of our house
  • Be more caring
  • Be a better wife. I spend more time being a good mom and often times over look Trey.
  • Be continent in what I have instead of always trying to be like everyone else. God had blessed me with so much!
  • Blog more often
  • Take the kids to Washington DC and Baltimore
  • Read the Bible completely 2 times.
  • Spend time with friends more often!
I borrowed this idea from my friend Merry's blog. She always has great ideas on her blog and I just have to borrow them sometimes. Happy New Year to everyone!