Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall State Baseball Tournament

The Pirates are playing in a few tournaments this fall to prepare for the spring baseball season.  The distance between the bases and the pitcher mound move this year so we needed a jump on getting ready for this big change.  We started the fall tournament with a close game with the Dragons.  We ended up with one lost in a game we should have one.  Then the boys stepped their game up and won the next game in pool play.  They were fired up and ready to play in bracket play.  The boys played their absolute best and came up the winners of the Fall State of Alabama Champions.  Jack played a great tournament. He was hitting well and pitching great.  Jack pitching is something I am still having the get use too.  Jack has normally just played 1st, 3rd and catcher.  It is a big change when my baby is on the mound controlling the tempo of the game.

These two got a little tired before the game was over!  This only lasted for a few minutes.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pep Rally

Pep Rally Fun!

First Home Football Game

The first time to cheer at a ballgame in front of the home crowd is always nerve wrecking.  Savannah was great.  The girls did a great cheer during half time.  Being a cheer mom is full of fun and that dreaded word drama.  Why can girls just not get along and why do they have to knock each other down all the time?  We left the game in tears, not because she did not do a great job, but because of older girls negative remarks.  I know this is not going to the be last time that Savannah gets knocked around, but I do know that she learned a lot from this experience.

When we got to the game, Jack found out the water boy was sick so they needed some help on the field.  He and his friends quickly volunteered to do the job tonight.