Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jack's Last Basketball Game and Pizza Party

Jack had a great basketball season. Jack was on Heath Guin's basketball team and he learned so much. Not only did her learn a lot about basketball, he had a great time. Jack is a very athletic little boy and has lots of energy so basketball was a great sport for him. He had to keep moving constantly. Jack is not going to play point guard from the way this season went, but he was great underneath the goal. I think this is a post position. He rebounds great and is always ready to put it up for a goal. The last basketball was great. Our team won (we really are not suppose to keep score), but the best game was the next to last game. That was the team that was the real competition. Jack played the best game he had played all season at that game. He had 9 points.

Tuesday night the team had their end of season pizza party. Each child was awarded a trophy. Our team members this season were: Pressley Guin, Madison Brasher, Ty Weeks, Luke Jenkins, Gage, Hunter, Randy, and Jack Williamson. They all played really well this season and had a great time. Thanks Coach Heath.

Savannah's Birthday Party

Savannah is 8 years old and I cannot believe it. It seems like yesterday we were just getting settled into having a baby at our house. Savannah is a wonderful daughter and a great big sister. She is very loving and caring for others, although she does have her days. Everyday is a joy with this precious little girl. I never imagined the joy I would have by having a wonderful daughter.

For her birthday party this year, we took 12 eight year old little girls, Jack, Davis, Julia and Noah to the bowling alley in Tupelo. Savannah has become obsessed with bowling since we got the Wii for Christmas. She is a pro on the Wii bowling, but will have to work on become pro at the for real bowling alley. Savannah did not come in first place with her friends, but she did come in a close second. The little girl that came in first place is named Hannah Bowling. Tommy told the girls that Hannah had to win because her last name is Bowling. They got a big kick out of that.

Savannah's birthday cake this year was made by Mandi Ballard. Mandi has been a friend of ours for many years. The cake was wonderful and beautiful. Savannah wanted a polka dotted cake with her initials on it. So here is what Mandi came up with.

Valentine Boxes

Savannah and Jack both had to make Valentine boxes for their school Valentine's party. Jack with the help of his daddy made a treasure box. Savannah wanted a Princess box, since she is a princess. They both were very cute. I remember when we made these at school they were not these extravagant projects to do at home. We just covered ours with hearts. Times change.