Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Final Baseball Game of the Year

May 18th was Jack's last baseball game for this spring season. He had a wonderful time and learned so much. We were blessed with a great coach, Chad Lawrence. It was truly a great season!

After the game, the team had an end of year party and trophy ceremony.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Spring Piano Recital

Savannah's Spring Piano Recital was Sunday, May 17th. She was very lucky to have Nana, Grandma, GrandDaddy, Kelly and Noah to come watch her play. In addition to Rhonda, Tommy and Davis who were there to see both Meg and Savannah. Savannah did a great job playing her some. Meg also did a great job.

Dance Recital

Savannah's dance recital was Saturday, May 16, 2009. Her first time on the stage was to do a tap dance to "The Jetsons". She did a great job.

Savannah and Meg

Savannah and Meg

Jack and Davis did a great job sitting still and watching the girls. They were troopers.

The girls also did a gymnastics performance to "Mission Impossible". Savannah can almost do a backhand spring and did one in the recital with a little help. Hopefully we will get that this summer alone. I am so proud of the great job she has done this year.

Matthew & Kelly's Wedding

On May 9, 2009 Trey's first cousin, Matthew, got married at the Dunlieth Plantation in Natchez, MS. Trey and I were ery excited to go to the wedding because the Dunlieth is one of our favorite historic homes in Natchez. The wedding was beautiful. The kids had a great time dancing, eating and playing on the grounds after the wedding.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jack's Baseball

Jack is having a great baseball season. Here are a few pictures of him playing. In this game, Jack hit two home runs!! He was super pumped.

American Girl Tea Party

The Relay for Life Team in Winfield hosted an American Girl Tea Party to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Savannah was so excited about attending the tea party at Aromas. The girls got to take one of their American Girl Dolls with them to the tea party. Savannah took Ruthie. She wanted to take Kit, but Kit's legs are about to fall off and we have got to take her to the doll hospital when we go to Atlanta. Meg and Mary Kate Beard were there also. It was very cute and the girls had a great time.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Fun With Friends

Last Thursday we spent a little while with Mandi and Jamie Ballard at their new land and pond. The kids had a great time riding the 4 wheeler, golf cart and paddle boats. It was great just to let the kids run in all the open space they have out there. It is so great to have such great friends here. We have been blessed where ever we lived with wonderful friends and we thank God daily for this friendships. Spending an afternoon with friends in Alabama makes us not miss our friends in Georgia so bad.

Super Bulldog Weekend

Jack and Trey had a guys weekend with one of Trey's customers. They went to Super Bulldog Weekend. Jack had a blast at the baseball game and the Spring football game.

Buffalo Park

Jack's kindergarten class went to the Buffalo Park in Tupelo, MS for their field trip this year. He had a great time and loved spending the day with Trey.

Noah Turns 2!

Just a little out of order, but on April 11th we went to Amory to celebrate our nephew Noah's 2nd birthday. He had a construction birthday party with family. It was great to get to celebrate with Kelly and Chris for Noah's birthday.

Jack took his scooter over to Kelly's. Everyone had a great time riding it in the street in front of Kelly's house. Jack had to show out a little bit and had a little accident. Jack slid in some loose gravel and scraped his knee pretty bad. About two days after the accident I was going to clean his knee with some peroxide. It was really bruised or at least I thought it was. When I put a warm cloth on his knee, some of the "bruise" went away. Come to find out, in the bath for the past few days Jack had not been washing his knee. So once it was washed and cleaned with peroxide, his knee did not look that bad after all. Crazy boys!