Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Ballgame

Savannah did a great job cheering at her first ballgame.  We were so proud of her and the rest of the cheerleaders.  Savannah was so excited that we played Haleyville and she was able to see Mary Katheryn.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Back To School

Well, unfortunately summer is over and it is time to go back to work and school for the kids.  I believe the kids are ready for school. Savannah is ready to go to school as a cheerleader, Jack is ready to be a middle schooler and Julia just generally loves school.  Lots of changes this school year.  Jack has a computer to keep up with.  Savannah has lots of after school practices and games.

The kids have great teachers.  Savannah has a great group of teachers and is with all of her friends all day so that is a plus.  Jack's teacher is one of our best friends Karla Stovall.  Julia has a super fun and young teacher, Miss Spann.  We are looking forward to a great year!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

All State Showcase Tournament

Jack was chosen to play in the All State Showcase Tournament in Orange Beach this year.  We are so proud of Jack.  He loves baseball and has developed into a fabulous player.  He had an amazing tournament going 13 for 13 batting.  It became a joke with the coaches and they started teasing him saying, "Jack why don't you get a hit this time up to bat?" or "What are we going to have to do to get you out of this slump?"  He enjoyed this tournament tremendously because he was able to play in positions that he has never played before.

Savannah asked Meg to go with us to the tournament.  The girls had a great time playing on the beaching, tumbling at the ballpark and eating great seafood.  I look forward to another great tournament like this next summer.