Saturday, April 25, 2009


Easter morning the kids were excited to see what the Easter Bunny filled their baskets with. Of course they got way too much candy. I was very excited to see they were just as excited about the Mickey and Minnie Mouse shirts they got to wear in Disney World.

After church, we spent the afternoon over at mom and dad's house for a wonderful lunch, egg hunts and spending time with family. It was a great Easter.

Walking With The Dinosaurs

Jack's special day alone with mom and dad was a trip to see "Walking with the Dinosaurs." It was an awesome show. The dinosaurs were so life like, or at least we guess they were from what we are told about dinosaurs.

After watching the show, we went to dinner at the Cheescake Factory. It was wonderful as usual. Jack go tuna for his dinner. He has a very mature taste. After dinner we had to get cheesecake and coffee and of course Jack ordered a cup of coffee as well.

We had a great time with Jack and we look forward to many more trips with each of our children together and one child at a time.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Opening Day

Opening Day of Baseball was April 4th. It was a beautiful day. I did not get to watch the kids play because I was judging majorette tryouts at Vernon (so much fun!!). I did get some pictures of the kids before the game.

Jack played in the first game for his age group. They played a team from Northside. Northside plays by very different rules than we play by. Our kids bat off a machine that pitches 35 miles per hour. The Northside kids bat from a coach pitching to them. This is the only game we play someone from out of town.

Savannah played Russellville that afternoon. Trey and I did not get to go to her game because we took Jack to see Walking With the Dinosaurs. Everyone said she played a great game. She got a double on her second time up to bat.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Coronation at FCHS

My new friend Julie, in Alabama ( that is how Savannah refers to Julie Moore because one of my best friends in McDonough name was Julie as well) little girl was the cape bearer at Coronation at Fayette County High on March 28th. She was a doll. I was really worried that she would not do it because she had spent the early afternoon with us at Julia's birthday party. She did a great job. Savannah was beside herself watching Maddie walk around the gym holding the Campus Queen's robe.

In addition to watching Maddie, I had to go see one of my student's who was in the Royal Court and also a few special girls who were part of Royal Court and the Most Beautiful Pageant. My student, Chris was selected by his peers to be a member of Royal Court for the Senior Class. I was so proud of him. He did excellent. The Most Beautiful Most Handsome Pageant was the final part of Coronation. One of the special girls we went to see in the pageant was chosen as Most Beautiful. Savannah was so excited because when Lee Ann walked out, she said "she is going to win." and she did. I did not get a picture of her, but believe me she was beautiful.

(Me and my student Chris)

Julia is 3!

I cannot believe my baby is three. It is very sad. Our baby is growing up too quickly. Here are a few pictures of Julia from birth to now.

Julia had a princess jumping party on Saturday, March 28, 2009. She had so many friends turn out for her party. She had a great time although she was a little over stimulated. She got lots a great gifts from her friends and family. She got great dress-up clothes from Grandma, Kelly and Maddie. Julia loves kitty cats, so Nana found her a cat that is just like a real cat. When you walk past the cat now at home it meows at you. It is precious. Julia had a moon walk at her party. She absolutely wore herself out in it.

On her actual birthday, March 29th, Trey and I took Julia to Birmingham to Playhouse Disney Live. Julia was a doll all day. We took her for a special lunch at Olive Garden. After lunch we went to the show. Julia loves everything that comes on Playhouse Disney, but especially Pooh and Mickey Mouse. She loved the show. This was her first trip to anything like this so she had to get a light-up wand and a slushee. I didn't think she would eat the slushee, but she ate every bit of it. It was a great day. Trey and I had a wonderful time spending this special day with Julia alone. She is our baby and always will be even though she is growing up.