Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years Ago Today

Ten years ago today life in the United States ceased to exist the way it did once before. The world stopped turning for a day and all we could do was stare at the awful events unfolding on the televisions before our eyes. I remember I had taken a student to the office and just happend to walk by a tv and saw the aftermath of the first plane in the World Trade Center. I was in shock hearing the reports and then the second plane entered the television frame and slammed into the 2nd tower. I can remember the tears flowing down my face and everyone around me. All I wanted to do was continue to stare at the television, but I knew I had a classroom full of students I had to comfort. How could I comfort kids when I didn't know how to wrap my mind around what was going on myself?

Today I sit here watching all the news coverage of the 10 year anniversary and it feels like it happened yesterday. My children now have the same questions my students did on that day. I answer them as honestly as I can. My two oldest understand evil and have accepted Chrsit as their Lord and Savior. My baby girl cries as she sees the children left alone with a parent missing. She cries as the firefighters pull another body out of the wreckage. She cries as she sees the people jump from the top of the World Trade Center. She ask questions of why this happened, why are people mean to us, why could everyone not get out alive. I don't want them to live in fear, but I want them to know what has happened in our country. I want them to see the heroes of that day. I want them to know that Christ is Lord of all and He will end evil one day with His mightly right hand.

Let us never forget September 11, 2001, but we must move forward with a new sight. A new sight of the mission God has laid out for us. A mission to tell the world of His love and salvation. A mission of helping our neighbors. A mission of knowing we never walk alone. A mission of knowing if this happened to the very building I am sitting in right now, I know my eternity is in heaven.

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