Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Maroon Thursday

This time of year is my absolute favorite. The weather is getting a little cooler, the kids are in school, I am back at work, and it is FOOTBALL SEASON! I love football! I think it comes from attending every high school football game my 4 years in high school since I was a majorette, attending every Mississippi State University home football game and a few away games during my 4 years in college since I was a majorette there as well and to top it off my little brother was a wonderful football player and I spent many evenings watching his games, game replays on tv and playing catch with him in the yard. I just love football. My husband loves football, my oldest daughter loves football, my son loves football and even my baby girl loves football! We just can't get enough of it especially MSU FOOTBALL!

This season started with a road game on a Thursday night! WHY? Beats the heck out of me. I was dieing to be at the game last Thursday night, but couldn't justify taking off on the Friday before Labor Day to attend a non-conference game! The kids and I dressed in our best Maroon and White on Thursday for school expecting a great victory from the Bulldogs.

And boy did they not let us down. We started off a little shakey, but quickly got it together for a very impressive win of 59-14! I am still super excited about this win!

I cannot wait for our first home game. Yes, on another Thursday night! We play LSU on September 15th. I cannot wait to be in Davis Wade Stadium. To hear the rumble of the crowd, the cheers from the cheerleaders, the fight song from the Famous Maroon Band, the wonderful sound of cowbells ringing. I can't wait to see MSU spelled out on the field, the smoke in front of the M-Club, the team running onto the field and the team doing the Dog Pound Rock before taking the field. I know this is going to be the best season yet!

GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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