Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Santa definitely thought Savannah, Jack and Julia were a very good boy and girls this year. Each one of the kids got a trip to Breckenridge and a new scooter. Savannah got a new digital camera, Jack got a new Wii game and some new tennis shoes and Julia got a doll pram and a horse for her dolls. The kids were very excited with their prices from Santa. Mommy and Daddy got Savannah and Jack new jackets and some clothes. Julia got a new piggy bank, clothes and a necklace from Mommy and Daddy. Nana and Pop came over early in the morning to see what Santa brought the kids followed by Grandma and Granddaddy.

Around lunch, we headed over to Nana and Pop's house for Christmas with my family. The kids got more goodies from Nana and Pop and Rhonda and Tommy. Savannah got a new pair of boots from Nana and Pop and a new Vera Bradley lunchbox and perfume from the Bowens. Jack got a new Wii game from Nana and Pop and a Polo sweater from the Bowens. Julia got a beauty shop chair for her doll from Nana and Pop and a smocked outfit from the Bowens. We all got money from Nana and Pop as well.

Later in the afternoon, Mama Tommie and Benny and Belinda's family all came over to mom and dads. After a great traditional Christmas lunch of Dressing, Turkey, Ham and all the fixings to go along, the kids all opened more gifts from Benny and Belinda and Mama Tommie. Mama Tommie gave us all money. Benny and Belinda got the kids a bag full of goodies. Savannah got a new watch and a necklace. Julia got a piggy bank and a necklace. Jack got a piggy bank and stainless water bottle.
Christmas was great and the kids are very spoiled once again!

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