Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a very busy day this year. We had to push somethings that have been planned for earlier into the week into Christmas Eve because we spent so much time at doctor's offices with Trey's kidney stones. Before you all ask, yes he still has the stones, but the medicine he is taking is keeping him comfortable. The doctors decided not to blast the stone until we get home from Breckenridge if he still has the stones.

Anyway we started the morning off with breakfast with our favorite teenager, Caroline Newman. Caroline is like a daughter that just doesn't live with us. Although Jack says she is his girlfriend. The kids exchanged gifts with Caroline. Jack got a new Nerf gun, Savannah got a new game and Julia got some makeup. We love Caroline and are so thankful God brought her into our lives.

After breakfast with Caroline, we headed home to pack up the gifts for Trey's parents and sister's family and headed to Amory. The kids had a great time opening gifts from Kelly and Grandma and Granddaddy. Savannah got some new clothes and a stocking of goodies; Jack got a new Wii game and a stocking of goodies; and Julia got the Disney Princesses Barbi Dolls and a stocking of goodies from Grandmama and Granddaddy. Trey got a new coffe maker, money and a stocking of goodies and I got a new pair of boots, money and a stocking of goodies. From Kelly we all got tshirts that show that the money to get the tshirt was donated to feed the hungry. From Kelly, Jack also got a Mitch Mooreland autographed baseball, Julia got a new dress and Savannah got something awesome that she can't remember at the time being. We had a great late lunch of shrimp bisque, crawfish bisque and red beans and rice. We ended the celebration at the Candlelight Christmas Eve Service at Kelly's and Chris's church. We ate dinner of left overs from lunch and headed home to prepare for Santa.

When we got home, Savannah and Jack got the cookies and Diet Pepsi (Santa gets tired of milk) and spread the reindeer food. Julia fell asleep on the way home from Amory and didn't wake up to get all the stuff ready for Santa. Savannah and Jack were then ready to go to sleep in hopes that Santa would stop at our house.

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