Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Holy Week

I really have never thought much about the week prior to Good Friday and Easter Day much before today. Do not get me wrong, I have always known why we celebrated Easter. It was never about the big bunny bringing me a basket full of candy, but about the Hero of all times who died and rose again to save me from Hell. But today after listening to Rick and Bubba, I meditated on the idea if I knew this was my last week to live how would I have wanted to spend my life and what would I have done if God had designed me to die for the world. I do believe I would have spent much of my week like Jesus did. I would have wanted to be surrounded with my best friends and have a wonderful feast with them. I do not think any of my friends would turn me over to the bad guys like Judas did Jesus or at least I hope not. One thing I would have done different would have been to run, run, run. I can't even imagine knowing that on this Friday I am going to be beat so that no one would recognize me, parade through the streets of my town while being mocked, and then nailed on a cross between two people who deserved to be there when I did nothing wrong, being pierced in the side with a sword and then having the executioners auction my clothes. I would have ran away before they could have found me. I am a chicken! Thank you Jesus for not being a chicken for me! You know He is an awesome Hero! Jesus was not placed on the cross, He crawled onto! He turned the other check when he was being beaten and never said a word when He was being mocked. He asked HIS Father to forgive the people who were doing this to Him. Even if I was the only sinner in the world He would have done all of that just for me! What an awesome GOD!

After meditating on this for the morning I have decided that I need to be bold in my walk and faith in GOD! I do not need to be afraid of what others think of me about serving my God. I need to stand up for Him. We as Christians need to take this week and show the world how we are set apart from everyone else. I need to be fearless! I need to tell the world forget what you stand up for, I stand up for my GOD and nothing else. I need to be willing to be crucified for the only one I need to care about impressing! I love you Jesus and thank you so much for dying on the cross for me, but better than that thank you for rising from the grave and being victorious over death! I serve a LIVING GOD!

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The Purser Family said...

What a wonderful post! I'm standing right here with you!