Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday, Savannah!

Savannah turned 9 on February 13th. I cannot believe she is 9. It seems like yesterday we were just getting adjusted to having a baby. She is now growing into a wonderful young lady. This year for her birthday we took her and a few of her friends to Birmingham to eat lunch at Olive Garden and for manicures and pedicures at Sweet and Sassy. She and her friends had a great time!


Merry said...

You have a beautiful little girl (tho getting not so little quickly!). Her party looks likes sooo much fun! I always thought I would have a little girl to do that stuff with. Oh I get to have Mighty Machines parties. ;)

Kelly Grant said...

Cute---looks like fun!! Although, I think I would be lost with all those pedicures and manicures, I am a novice!

PS---UG!! I am so upset we arent in Birmingham anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would have been fun to hang out!!

The Purser Family said...

That is such a great idea! I can't believe she is 9! Happy Birthday, Savanah!