Saturday, December 27, 2008

Julia's First Christmas Performance

Julia had her first Christmas Performance at Kingdom Kids Daycare on December 18th. She was adorable and I am not saying that just because she is mine. She sang her heart out. She didn't know all the words to all the songs, but she sang and swayed to all the music. They all wore shirts that they made at school with their handprints and the antlers of the reindeer. They were very cute. She even left her bow in until we were in the car. She is not like Savannah wanting to wear a bow at all times. The only down fall of the evening was she was so tired that she did not want to get her present from Santa. Mrs. Keisha got her present for her. We are so very blessed with a great, Christian daycare for her to attend. The best thing is that Julia now loves her school.

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