Monday, November 17, 2008


The peace we had at our house from Julia not having ear infections ended about two weeks ago. Julia had an infection in her right ear and the pressure from the infection pushed the tube out of her ear. So after two trips the the ENT (Julia's favorite doctor), we have learned that Julia might have to have the tube put back in. I know it is not a very serious procedure, but I just hate for her to have to be put back to sleep. We now have to go to the ENT once a month for the next three months for him to check her ears and she has to take a steriod, hopefully to get rid of the fluid that is building up on her ear once again. If this works we will not have to do the tubes again, but on the other hand we have to live with a very uncomfortable 2 year old for three months. He did say that we could let him know when we cannot tolerate her or she cannot tolerate the pain and he will go ahead and do the tubes. Please pray the fluid goes away so we can have our happy little girl back.


The Purser Family said...

We understand completely!!!! We had our 2nd set put in last Tuesday and had her adenoids removed also! Not a fun situation. We will be praying for her!!!

Heather said...

Oh no! That is no fun, will be praying for you all!