Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Friends in Need of Prayer

I get so upset about my little girl who might have to have a new set of tubes put into her ears and we have friends that have children who have major illnesses. It just doesn't seem fair that a child would die at such a young age. I can think of three children right now that are suffering from terrible illnesses. A little girl we went to church with in McDonough is having a difficult year. She was diagnosed with a tumor last year. She is having surgery this week to have a shunt placed in her brain this week. Please take time to pray for her and her mother. Her name is Anna Marie. She is a real doll. They are doing the surgeries in Ohio so her dad is not able to go with her mother because of the expenses and they have two small children at home. I know they would appreciate the prayers. Her story is on the following blog, http://www.annamariesfight.blogspot.com/.

The other family I have felt the need to ask prayer for is a baby of a girl I teach with at Fayette. He is having all kinds of test run over the next few weeks because he was born with abnormal platlet leves. He seems to be such a happy baby, but something is wrong. The mom is just worn out from worrying about him and carrying for her other children, a 5 year old little boy and 3 year old twin girls. Please pray for the Crimm family.

I just feel so lucky to have healthy chidren. I just pray that these two families will trust that God knows the plans for these families.

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