Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back to School Open House

Back to school open house is a big deal!  The kids get to find out who their teachers and we get to see their classrooms for the year. 

Savannah is going to be in 6th grade.  I cannot believe she ould possibly be old enough to be in 6th grade.  She has Mrs. Langley for her homeroom teacher.  She has a few friends with her so she was excited about that.  She was most excited about getting a top locker again this year. 

Jack is going to be in 4th grade this year.  This will be his last year at the elementary school and his first year to change classes for all subjects.  He is very excited about this!  His friends are all spread out in the different homerooms, but his friend Collin is with him for every subject.  Jack's homeroom teacher is Mrs. Seals.  We love her already because she is a Mississipp State fan!

Julia is going to be in the 1st grade.  I cannot believe my baby is this big!  She has Mrs. Wood for her teacher this year.  We are very excited about her teacher.  Julia is excited that she is going to be in class with her friend Paige although she is going to miss Allison so much!

We are hoping this is the last time these two are out in the hall with Mr. Thomley.

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