Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Disney World Day 5

Today was a day packed of fun at Epcot.  We began the day eating breakfast with the princesses at Arkeshus.  Jack was not too excited about eating with the princesses, but he went gladly because Julia and Savannah didn't want to seperate this trip to Disney.  We had messed with Jack about getting his picture made with Ariel because on his first trip to Disney he wold Ariel he did not like redheads.  He did get his picture made with her this trip without a fuss.  Breakfast was good.  I really like Arkeshus for breakfast because it is a mixture of a cold food buffet and the hot food is delivered to your table family style.  Julia got another cupcake today for her birthday that is not here yet!
Julia was the first in line to see Belle so she got to walk with Belle into the castle.

After a great breakfast we headed out to ride a few great rides at Epcot.  We went first to the Land to get fast passes for Soaring.  The line was actually pretty short so we got fastpasses and then got in line to ride it.  We used the fast passes later in the day because just one ride on Soaring is never enought.  We spent most of the day riding rides in Epcot, but went back to the resort for a little rest and pool time.  We have never used the pool at our resort on our previous trips to Disney, but we learned this trip that we had been missing out.  We have decided on our next trip we will take a day off from the parks to just hang out by the pools.  After our swim and naps, we headed back to Epcot for dinner at The Garden Grill.  We love this place.  It is served family style and the food is good not to mention you get to some some great characters numerous times during your meal. 

After dinner we headed over to the Magic Kingdom to catch a few characters and ride a few rides.  The kids were really tired so we called it a night pretty soon after we got there.

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