Friday, March 30, 2012

Disney Day 7

Today we had an early breakfast at Cape May with Goofy and Friends.  It was a fun atmosphere with the characters in their beach clothes.  I love the atmosphere at the Beach Club.  We would love to stay at the Beach Club Resort or Yacht Club Resort on our next trip to Disney. 

After breakfast we went back to the resort to relax by the pool and swim.  The kids thought this was great and have decided next time we go to Disney we are taking a day off from the parks and staying at the pool. 

After swimming much of the afternoon, we headed back to Epcot for a late lunch at Via Napoli.  It was a really good Italian place in Italy.  Not sure if we got our money's worth here because the prices were really cheap for a sit down meal.  The food was excellent.  After lunch we ventured out to find some characters we had not seen.  We found Marie, Aladdin, Belle and the Beast.  The kids were worn out so we headed back to the hotel pretty early.  We had a quick dinner and the kids were ready to shop for souveniers and go to bed.

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