Monday, August 15, 2011

Rush Week

Our sweet Caroline went through sorority rush this past week at Auburn. I don't know how I will survive when my girls go through rush. It was a roller coaster ride just talking with Caroline every morning and afternoon about her experience. She was super excited about every adventure and had upsets and disappointments, but in the end she is super excited. No she is not my Zeta sister, but is a pledge of a great sorority, Delta Gamma!

Congrats Caroline! I am so proud of you and your choice! You will never forget your sorority sisters and the many memories you are about to make! We love you so much!

(Caroline with two girls she met during rush week showing her Greek letters proudly!)
(Caroline & Kala Fisher! I am so happy Kala was there with Caroline the last few days of rush. She has been through this experience and knows the ups and downs of this week!)

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