Monday, August 15, 2011

2011-2012 School Year

How can it be that I have a middle schooler, a 3rd grader and a KINDERGARTENER? It does not seem like these babies are this old! How did this happen?!

The kids all had a great first day of school. They have great teachers and we are so excited about that! Savannah has Mrs. Garner for her homeroom teacher, but changes classes for all of her academic classes. Savannah is super excited because she has our great friend Karla Stovall for reading. Jack has Mrs. Leathers for his homeroom teacher. He changes classes for reading and he has Mrs. Lindsey. Both are great teachers! Julia has Mrs. Smith for her teacher. This is one of the teachers I had hoped Julia would have this year and Julia was so excited to get her for a teacher! I pray that the rest of the year goes as well as the first week of school.

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