Monday, January 3, 2011


We all got a skiing trip to Breckenridge for Christmas this year. The kids were super excited about flying on an airplane as much as they were about going skiing. I was very nervous about skiing. We left from Atlanta on Monday, December 27th bright and early. I didn't even have to fuss with the kids about getting up so early because they were so excited. We got to Breckenridge around lunch and headed to our condo.

Tuesday, December 28th, we all went to skii school at Beaver Run. Savannah and Jack were together in their class. Trey and I were together. Julia was in the 4 year old class. Julia and I didn't fair as well as everyone else in ski school. I was great until we started up the lift and altitude sickness set in. I couldn't even stand up on my skis for very long without falling over. Thank goodness for a wonderful ski instructor who helped me down the mountain. Trey and I didn't finish our complete lesson because I was so sick. While we were trying to eat lunch, Julia's ski school called up to tell us that she had fallen asleep. She too only skied in the morning, but we were assured that she was ready to go up the mountain and ski with us. Savannah and Jack loved ski school. Treywas able to watch them come down the mountain with their ski instructor on their last run.

Wednesday we all headed up the mountain ready to ski. I was feeling so much better and Julia was ready to ski again. We headed up the ski lift and everyone was doing great! When we got to the top everyone did great getting off the lift and headed down the mountain. Julia started going really fast and we yelled for her to slow down. She didn't slow down, she laid down and began waving to the people on the lift going above her. She would not stand up again on her skis, so Julia and I had to walk down the mountain. NOT FUN!!! At one time while walking down the mountain, Julia said she wished she was in the Bahamas. ME TOO! Savannah and Jack skied with Trey and Julia and I played in the snow. She was much happier and so was mama.

Thursday the kids skied a good bit with Trey. Julia and I played in the snow.

Friday we skied some, but it was so cold we went in early. We decided to go out for lunch at Mi Casa. It was a wonderful Mexican place. We returned our ski equipment and went back to the warmeth of the condo.

Saturday, was game day! We all got decked out in our Mississippi State gear and headed over to Eric's Downstairs to watch the game on the big screen. It was not a waste of time either. The Bulldogs demolished the Wolverines. It was a great day to be a Bulldog! Trey got sick with his kidney stones again during the game, so we had to go back to the condo shortly after a few stops of shopping after the game. He did get to felling better later in the afternoon so we headed out to go to Crapes a La Cart and Starbucks! The crapes there are to die for.

Sunday we headed back to Denver for our flight home. We had a great vacation and enjoyed getting to do something new. I hope next time we go Julia will be ready to ski!


Kelly Grant said...

Looks like yall had a fun trip!!!

Merry said...

It looks like a fun trip. Next time come up this way! Dewey says that he wants me to start skiing again this year but I don't know. I'm a big fat chicken when it comes to that! I think Evan is still a bit small to ski as well. I may try to put Dewey off one more year.