Sunday, September 6, 2009


This year we bought season tickets to Mississippi State football games with one of my college roommates, Amanda. The opening game was September 5th and we had a great time! We went over to Starkville early to tailgate with one of my other roommates, Amy Mardis, and some of her husband's family. We are so excited to have tickets this year! The kids had so much fun and cannot wait until the next home game. We are raising true Bulldogs! They even snuck in their own cowbells into the game. Yes ,we are teaching our kids early to do illegal things. At least it is not something that is going to hurt them, it is something that does mean a lot to the team we are cheering for. I cannot imagine being at Scott Field without the cowbells ringing.

The game was great, especially since the Dawgs won 48-7. We won't see many wins like that this year. The only downside to the game and day was the rain. Thank goodness Amy, Chris and Amanda had extra ponchos they could share with us since we didn't have any with us. Trey bought one for himself and Jack. We will take them with us from now on.


Merry said...

Looks like fun! I must say that college football is one of the things I miss most here in Canada. The people here just don't *get* it. I wish we could come down for a Bama game but it's not going to happen. BTW, you're kids are ADORABLE! :)

The Williamson Family said...

Thanks Merry! I didn't realize how much I missed being at the games until Saturday when we are were back. I so took it for granted in college when I was at the MSU games no matter what. Oh to go back to college and know what I know now.