Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kelee Says, "I Do"

Every once in a while a child that is not your own child will enter your life and you never realize the impact they will have on your life, but when you do realize the impact you want to savor every memory with that child for your entire life. Kelee Etoil Baker is that child in my life and her sister Hanna runs a close second. She was only five years old when I met her. She was always bubbling with laughter and a true joy to be around. She was a real beauty. As the years went on, we went through many trials together, but she always continued to be that bubbly little girl that could always make me smile. Kelee is a beautiful young lady, but it is very hard for me not to see that freckled face little girl that would run and jump in my arms whenever I saw her. I can remember a family member of hers telling me, "Kelee is always more excited to see you than me." I love you Kelee more than you will ever know and I thank you so much for always being there for me, even though you were just a little girl.
On June 13, 2009, Kelee got married. Kelee married Kyle Williams. The wedding was beautiful even though the weather had everyone concerned. My mother, sister and I hosted her bridesmaid brunch the morning of her wedding, which was suppose to be around my mother's pool. Last minute we had to move the brunch inside due to the rain. By 3:00 all the storms had gone away and beautiful blue skies were the backdrop for her evening wedding. Savannah was a junior bridesmaid in her wedding. Savannah was almost as beautiful as the bride. I am so glad that Kelee included me and Savannah on her special day.


Merry said...

It looks like a beautiful wedding. The weather was NOT stellar last weekend for weddings! I thought we were going to get blown away on Friday night. Yeesh!

The Williamson Family said...

The weather was not predictable at all last weekend. I am just glad it held off for Kelee's wedding b/c there were not alternative plans other than bring an umbrella.

vanessa said...

The wedding looked beautiful. My parents were in Auburn, so we couldn't go to the wedding. E's parents were planning on going but had to go with Shelley to Bham to see her Granddaddy. I LOVE Savannah's glasses, too cute!