Monday, June 8, 2009

Awards Day

Savannah and Jack both received awards at Awards Day this year. Savannah received 3 awards this year: all A's all year long, a Reading awards and the Lt. Governor Physical Fitness Award. She had a great year that Trey and I attribute a lot to her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Dennis. She made learning very fun for Savannah. We were very lucky to have her for a teacher. We will miss her tremendously next year.

Jack also received an award at Awards Day. He received a certificate for completing Kindergarten. They do not give the additional awards to kindergarteners. He also got a great scrapbook from his teacher to help us remember his year in kindergarten. Jack had a great year. He had a few bumps in the road, but all in all it was a great year. He is so looking forward to first grade, but sadly his mommy is not looking forward to it.

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Lianne said...

Emma had Shea also. We loved her!

I am not dealing well with Luke going to first grade either. My baby!!!