Sunday, May 3, 2009

Railroad Festival

We went to visit Kelly for the Railroad Festival this year. It has become an event the kids and I look forward to going to every year. I think we will take Trey with us next year. He always has something for work the weekend of it. This year it was just a girls trip from Winfield. Savannah, Julia and I took Julie, Maddie and Meg with us. We all had a great time. We shopped a little and then the kids rode a few rides and did a few fun things for them.

First the kids rode the Amory Train.

Then the girls got their faces painted.

Savannah and Meg climbed a rock wall, while Julia and Noah enjoyed some cotton candy.

Gotta love kissin' cousins. Yes, I know, only in Mississippi and Alabama. I don't have a picture of the actual kissin', just all the hugs afterwards.

Then we went to the carnival to end the day off.

Everyone had a great time, but was very tired by the end of the day.

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