Monday, May 4, 2009

Noah Turns 2!

Just a little out of order, but on April 11th we went to Amory to celebrate our nephew Noah's 2nd birthday. He had a construction birthday party with family. It was great to get to celebrate with Kelly and Chris for Noah's birthday.

Jack took his scooter over to Kelly's. Everyone had a great time riding it in the street in front of Kelly's house. Jack had to show out a little bit and had a little accident. Jack slid in some loose gravel and scraped his knee pretty bad. About two days after the accident I was going to clean his knee with some peroxide. It was really bruised or at least I thought it was. When I put a warm cloth on his knee, some of the "bruise" went away. Come to find out, in the bath for the past few days Jack had not been washing his knee. So once it was washed and cleaned with peroxide, his knee did not look that bad after all. Crazy boys!

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