Friday, April 17, 2009

Opening Day

Opening Day of Baseball was April 4th. It was a beautiful day. I did not get to watch the kids play because I was judging majorette tryouts at Vernon (so much fun!!). I did get some pictures of the kids before the game.

Jack played in the first game for his age group. They played a team from Northside. Northside plays by very different rules than we play by. Our kids bat off a machine that pitches 35 miles per hour. The Northside kids bat from a coach pitching to them. This is the only game we play someone from out of town.

Savannah played Russellville that afternoon. Trey and I did not get to go to her game because we took Jack to see Walking With the Dinosaurs. Everyone said she played a great game. She got a double on her second time up to bat.

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