Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Coronation at FCHS

My new friend Julie, in Alabama ( that is how Savannah refers to Julie Moore because one of my best friends in McDonough name was Julie as well) little girl was the cape bearer at Coronation at Fayette County High on March 28th. She was a doll. I was really worried that she would not do it because she had spent the early afternoon with us at Julia's birthday party. She did a great job. Savannah was beside herself watching Maddie walk around the gym holding the Campus Queen's robe.

In addition to watching Maddie, I had to go see one of my student's who was in the Royal Court and also a few special girls who were part of Royal Court and the Most Beautiful Pageant. My student, Chris was selected by his peers to be a member of Royal Court for the Senior Class. I was so proud of him. He did excellent. The Most Beautiful Most Handsome Pageant was the final part of Coronation. One of the special girls we went to see in the pageant was chosen as Most Beautiful. Savannah was so excited because when Lee Ann walked out, she said "she is going to win." and she did. I did not get a picture of her, but believe me she was beautiful.

(Me and my student Chris)

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