Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Winfield Homecoming

The week of October 13th was homecoming at Winfield High School. Since we live in a very small town everyone is very excited about homecoming, not like in McDonough where we practically had to bribe the students to dress up for homecoming week. Everyone in Winfield schools, including the elementary and middle school, dress up for the different days during homecoming week. This year the kids did not have school on Monday so the dress up days were as follows:

Tuesday: Decade Day
Wednesday: Color Day
Thursday: Cowboy Day or College Day
Friday: Camo Day or Hick Day

Savannah and Jack were very excited to dress up for homecoming week. It was fun getting their outfits together each day.

Friday was also the homecoming parade. Savannah and Jack both rode of the floats for their grades.

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