Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jack's Scarecrow Project

Jack had to make a scarecrow for school that could stand alone. He was very excited about this project, but it turned out that the work was for Trey and I. Jack picked out his clothes; a pair of his old overalls, a white shirt, a jacket that he once wore, and a pair of tennis shoes. We had to paint the tennis shoes because the only pair we could find that did not fit anyone were Savannah's shoes and they were pink and white. We painted the shoes red and filled them with plaster of paris to make the shoes heavy and to hold the dow rods that the clothes were going on. It worked. We dressed the scarecrow and stuffed him full of newspaper, pinned a jack-o-lantern head and cowboy hat and we had a scarecrow. I was very proud. I am not a very creative person, so I was very excited with the results. As you can see from the last pictures, the scarecrow is as tall of Julia. When we have to do this project for Julia, we will need to make it a little shorter.


The Purser Family said...

That is too cute! Great job!

The Dunavant Family said...

Ok, that scarecrow is awesome, looks as good as the one I paid lots of money for!

Amy said...

Wow, I'm impressed...maybe your creativity was just hidden until now!