Monday, May 20, 2013

Not the way we wanted to end....

last inning of the game,
2 outs,
down by 1 run,
runner on 3rd base,
your up to bat,
the clean up batter,
batting today with a single and a double in the books,
ground out to the short stop,
lots of stomps
and kicking of the dirt,
a slow walk back
to the 3rd base dugout!

Not the way Jack wanted to end the tournament this weekend, but what a fabulous weekend he had playing the sport he loves.  Jack is so hard on himself and no one is a bigger critic of his baseball skills than himself.  He was down in the dumps for the ride home, but he is much better now and ready for baseball lessons this afternoon.  I love my little slugger!  Oh, how I hate to see him down!  We will get them next time was his motto this morning! 

Baseball is so much like the game of life.  We are given chances and we have to take risks.  Sometimes those chances and risks lead us to success and sometimes they lead us to failure.  What matters is what we learn and take from those experiences!  So as we move on from this learning experience let us not forget what we learned!

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