Thursday, May 19, 2011


Sweet Savannah you are graduating from elementary school tonight. I cannot believe howyou have grown. I love getting to see what a wonderful young lady you are growing into. You are a very compassionate, sweet girl.

You are your brother's biggest cheerleader on the baseball field and during his piano recital. During the recital you looked as if you would like to go play the piece with him. I love that you will play catch with him in the back yard.

You love your little sister with your whole heart. You love teaching her new things and even play dolls with her. I love watching you two grow together and how you both love life.

I love that you are not to grown to let your me pick out your clothes and fix your hair. I love that you want me and your dad around when you are doing things. I love that you love Jesus Christ. I love that you want to spread joy. I love that you love the beach. I love that you want to spend time outside. I love that you love to shop. I love that you still want to snuggle with your mommy. I love that you are my precious princess.

Continue to be the sweet angel you are. Don't let the evils of the world change you. Continue to look to God for your help.

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