Tuesday, November 16, 2010

State vs. Bama

Trey and I took Jack to the State/Alabama game in Tuscaloosa last weekend. Unfortunately, Alabama won the game! We still had a great time spending the afternoon and evening alone with Jack. We got to Tuscaloosa in time to see the MSU Bulldogs get off their buses as they headed into the stadium. It was a very exciting and yet sombering time all at the same time. As the coaches exited the bus they headed over to the railing and hugged Mrs. Bell. The players all waved and headed into the locker room. As we were leaving that area of the stadium, Jack asked if he could go talk to Ms. Bell. We showed him which one she was and he headed over to her. He waited patiently until she finished talking to some other people. Jack gave her a big hug and told her he was sorry about Nick and that he was praying for her. I just love this little boy. He is so loving and concerned about others. It was a great time to be a bulldog even if we didn't win.
(Savannah's favorite Bulldog, Heath Hutchins)

(Dan Mullen and Ms. Bell)

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