Sunday, October 17, 2010

Welcome Back From The Swamp

At half time of the MSU vs. Florida game last night, Trey told the kids if the Dawgs will we will load up and go to Starkville to welcome the team home. I thought he was really joking with the kids. But when the field goal was missed with 4 seconds left in the game, Trey was hurrying the kids to get their shoes on and grabbing cowbells. Yes, it was really late, but it was a great experience for the kids to see the guys smiling from ear to ear after the great win. We were able to get some pictures of the kids with a few of the players. I can't identify all of the guys without their jersey numbers on. It was and always is a great day to be a MSU Bulldog!
(Savannah, Jack and Julia with Tyler Russell)

(Savannah, Jack and Julia with K.J. Wright)

Savannah, Jack and Julia with Heath Hutchins

Savannah, Jack and Julia with Derek Sherrod

(Savannah, Jack and Julia with a crew of MSU Football Players. Johnthan Banks is holding Julia. Chris Relf is in the back row. Wade Bonner is first one on the bottom row to the far left.)

(Savannah and Jack with Quentin Saulsberry)

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The Purser Family said...

Daphne, how awesome is that! The kids will always remember that! I remember when we all did it when our guys came home from the Final Four!! So glad you were able to do that!