Monday, August 2, 2010

Myrtle Beach, SC

This summer we canceled our annual trip to Destin due to the oil spill and ventured over the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We had no idea what to expect so we went with our eyes wide open. Needless to say, Myrtle Beach is not Destin on the East Coast. We had a great time, but will not be vacationing in Myrtle Beach again. It was a little too touristy for our taste. We do like to have the availability of many places to eat, but we do not enjoy buffets and so many things to do. We like the beach!

The big kids got to ride a mechanical bull. It was so funny. The lady running the bull was not from the USA and it was very funny to hear her telling the kids what to do. She would tell each of the kids riding "if you want to go faster smack the bull." Julia said this over and over all week. We also went to eat at a cool place called The Flying Fish. The guys working at the fish market would throw the fish like they do in the large fish markets on the West Coast. It was very cool. We also ate at Margaritaville, Rioz and T-Bonz. All were good places to eat.

Our resort had water slides, a water submarine, lazy rivers and multiple pools. We spent a lot of time at the pools. The kids didn't like the ocean as well as they like the gulf. There was a barrier of shells you had to walk through in the water before you could get to where the bottom was sandy. It hurt your feet and I was afraid the kids would get all scratched up if they feel off their boogie boards in the shells.

On our way home we stayed in Atlanta and went to a few places. We went to IKEA looking for a new dresser and chest of drawers for Savannah and Julia. We have found one and hopefully we will be able to go over to Atlanta and purchase one this coming weekend. We had a great dinner at Papacitos; the only Mexican place that Trey really likes! On Sunday we took the kids to World of Coca-Cola and to the Varisty before heading home.
We had a great vacation even if it wasn't really to a destination we absolutely loved.


Merry said...

Looks like a great trip. I've only been to Myrtle Beach once & it was a LOOOONG time ago. It's so sad that the gulf has been so affected by the spill. I hope it is all cleaned up & back to normal soon.

I love seeing all the pics of you and your family. You have such cute kids!

Kelly Grant said...

Looks like it was still a fun trip! You got some great pictures too! Did you make those outfits where they all had something matching? I think it was all the bottoms/shorts/pants that matched.

The Williamson Family said...

Kelly, The matching outfits are from Kellys Kids.

Thanks Merry!