Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend Fun

We had a great weekend! We started off Friday morning picking blueberries at Tommy and Sue's house. It was very hot. We called Trey early in the day to get over there to help us. Julia ate more than she put in the buckets and Jack was a great supervisor telling us when we missed a berry. Once we were back home and clean we took a trip to Tuscumbia to Spring Park. It ended really quickly because it was pouring rain. The kids got to ride the train twice but nothing else. So we ended up taking the kids to Chucky Cheese to play. After playing at Chucky Cheese we had dinner at Japanese. Our kids love sushi and of course fried rice.

Saturday Trey played golf ALL DAY and Jack worked with Pop in his yard. We ended the day with a cookout at Greg and Julie Chaffin's house. The kids all swam and we had a great time with lots of adult conversation. I was kinda worried for Savannah because she is the only older girl but she managed to play well with the group of boys and the group of younger girls. It was a great time. I cannot wait to do it again.
Sunday we went to church and ate lunch at Mom and Dad's. The kids spent the afternoon swimming and Trey and I watched the World Cup Championship game with Mom, Dad and Mama Tommie. We had a great weekend and ended tonight with a great phone call from one of Savannah's best friends telling us she was saved today and is getting baptized next Sunday. What a joy to hear of a new sister in Christ! God is still working!

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