Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dance Recital

The girls had their dance recital on Saturday, May 15th. They both were beautiful and had a great time on stage. Julia had a little problem during the recital but it was quickly resolved. Julia's class went on stage to do their dance and Julia was not on stage. I told her teacher that she was back stage, but Julia never came out. So when the dance was over I went to get her and Julia said they wouldn't let her go out. I was extremely upset and you would be if you paid all that money and your child did not go on stage so I told Savannah's gymnastic teacher that Julia did not get to dance. As we are watching the recital go on, Mrs. Marilyn came over the PA and said for her class to go backstage and they were going to dance again. We quickly got back there and Julia did her dance beautifully.Savannah did a great job in her dance and gymnastic routines. She loves being on stage. This year in gymnastics she has gotten her standing back handspring and also a round off backhand spring. I was so proud of her. She twisted her wrist during the recital and fell doing something she says is very easy and was upset.

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