Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bowling and another MSU B'Ball Game!

This is a little out of order in the chronological category, but I have to post something about it. After Christmas and the kids big present this year was a trampoline and the temperatures we have had we took the kids to do a few fun activities outside of the house. First on December 27 we took the kids to Starkville for a Mississippi State basketball game at the Hump! They were playing Mississippi Valley State and sold adult tickets for $5 and the kids got in free, so we couldn't turn that down. It is a little different when State is not playing another SEC team, but we still had a great time.

We also took the kids bowling. They love to bowl.


The Purser Family said...

YEA! There is a picture of you! You are always behind the camera! I'll miss you next weekend!

Kelly Grant said...

I am impressed Julia could carry that ball---those things are heavy!!!! Yall always seem to have so much fun on all your family outings!!!

Merry said...

Great bowling pics! The ball looks like it's as big as Julia! I agree that it's great to see a picture of you too (I know, I know...there are rarely pics of me on my blog either).