Thursday, November 5, 2009

MSU vs. Florida

We had a great time tailgating at the MSU vs Florida game with Amanda and her family. We had a few drop in visitors, but were very excited to see Amy and Chris Mardis.

At the MSU vs. Florida game, Savannah went to a cheerleader clinic with the MSU Cheerleaders. Her "Big Sister Cheerleader" was a girl name Courtney. Savannah found out all kinds of information from her but was so excited to tell me that Courtney is a Zeta and is going to live in the same house I lived in at State. Savannah had a great time. She got to go out on the field at halftime of the game and perform. We couldn't exactly pinpoint which one she was for sure, but they all did a great time job so we know she was awesome.

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odomfamilyfun said...

such a small world! I met Amy when we worked at a camp together when we were still in high school or maybe we had just graduated. Anyway....such a small world! Love looking at pics of your family! Yes, I did meet you at Kimberly's shower. Talked to her today actually! You have great Disney pics, too...i'll comment on those!