Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Spring Park & Ivy Green

The kids were having portraits taken at Spring Park in Tuscumbia last Wednesday, so mom and I decided to make a day of it and take the kids to play at the park after the portraits. Tim and Danielle Roberts have been taking pictures of my kids since Savannah was 5 weeks old, so they are very comfortable with them and will do whatever Tim wants them to do. Tim sent me a video clip from his pictures and they are beautiful. I took some pictures of the kids during the photo shoot with my camera and I was very impressed with them as well.

We had to wait a while before the rides opened at Spring Park so we went to lunch. After lunch we still had a while to wait so we took the kids to Ivy Green. Savannah and Meg read about Helen Keller this year at school, so they were very excited to see the house. All of the kids were very attentive to the lady giving us the tour.

After the tour of Ivy Green, we went to Spring Park for the afternoon to ride the rides. The kids had a great time. Julia loved riding the snake coaster. Needless to say, on the ride home they were very tired.

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Lianne said...

That looks like fun! I may have to make a trip up there before school starts.